Beaches in Goa

Renowned worldwide for its spectacular beaches that are among the finest in the world, Goa in the west coast of India is a holidaymaker's paradise.

The 125 kilometers of Goan coastline is dotted with numerous palm-fringed sandy beaches which offer the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon or an ideal vacation.

A firm favorite with travelers from all corners of the world, the beaches in Goa attract thousands of beach lovers and regular tourists from far and wide. The beaches are the most significant aspects of tourism in Goa.

The beaches in Goa can be classified into the beaches in North and the beaches in South. The beaches of these two regions have different characters.

The beaches of Goa in the North are the more popular ones and host a lot of parties and carnivals, while the beaches of South Goa are relatively quieter, and appeal to those looking for relaxed solitude.

The beaches in North Goa stretch over a distance of 30 kilometers. The beautiful beaches are the venues of entertaining parties, carnivals and adventure sports activities.

Calangute Beach, Goa

A 45 mints. bus ride from the state capital, Calangute is Goa's busiest and most commercialized beach resort of the state.

The Charter boom, combined with a huge increase in the number of Indian visitors, is burden on Calangut's infrastructure. Buses from Mapusa and Panaji pull in the market at the centre of Calangute, Goa.

The beach is walkable distance from here. The road from the town to the beach is lined with Kashmiri -run handicraft, boutiques and Tibetian stalls selling Himalayan curios and jewelry. The quality is high and so are the prices.

The beach itself is nothing special - its sand shelves steeply but is more than large enough to accommodate the large number of high season visitors. To escape the muddle, head fifteen minutes or so south of the main beachfront towards the row of old wooden boats moored below the dunes.

This is virtually hawker- free zone, you will only come across team of villagers hauling in hand- nets at high tide or fishermen fixing their bamboo sunshades.

Nightlife here is mostly restricted to Tito's which is in Baga Beach, open until 11 p.m., other popular hangouts are Pete's bar and Bob's Inn.
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